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Have Medicare or Medicad?

As part of our service to you, we will verify your insurance to ensure you recieve the benefits you are entitled. We complete and file all primary and supplemental insurance claims including Medicare on your behalf. In most cases, that means there is no up-front, out-of-pocket expense.* You are only responsible for co-payments and deductibles, if they apply.

Why Properly Fitted Diabetic Shoes are Important?

25.8 million Americans have diabetes — 8.3 percent of the U.S. population. Up to 25% of all people with diabetes will suffer from some kind of foot problem during their lifetime, leading to an ulceration. By the time you can actually "see" the wound, it is often too late, resulting in amputation. Diabetic shoes can help prevent serious foot complications along with proper foot monitoring and care.

Lack of Feeling in Your Feet?

Diabetes can lead to severe nerve damage, which reduces blood flow to your feet. Without proper blood circulation and delivery of oxygen, tissue death occurs (Gangrene). Gangrene is a serious and potentially life-threatening condition.

5 Simple Steps to Recieve Your Therapeutic Shoes.

1. Fill out an appilcation to see if you qualify.
2. We will send a prescription to your primary physician to be signed.
3. After your prescription is signed, a certified shoe fitter will fit you for your new shoes.
4. Your new shoes will be delivered to your home X weeks.
5. Enjoy your new comfort!

Need Testing Supplies or Footwear?

  • We Offer a Wide Variety of Testing Supplies and Fitted Shoes

    Fees may be covered by your insurance provider.*